Kickstarter Campaign Funded!

Thank You 10,000 times to all those who supported the Kickstarter Campaign!   The Practical Forager book project is officially under way!

It was tight there toward the end, but the campaign finished just above the goal the night before the deadline.  I am very excited now to really dive into the making of this book.  The release date is set at December of 2014, however I will aim for a sooner release.

One thing I’d like to include in the book is YOUR INPUT.   I’m looking to weave reader questions into the book, to allow you to help guide the process and content.  If you have a question about food, foraging, or natural health, or anything related that you’d like me address in the book, please email me at feralkevin (at) gmail (dot) com.  Use the SUBJECT “BOOK QUESTION SUBMISSION.”    I will choose several of them to be answered and discussed in The Practical Forager.

Happy Foraging!