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I believe this book will serve as an important reference for anyone concerned about their food and their health. I have been on a vegan, vegetarian, raw food, macrobiotic, paleo diet (lots of meat), wild, garden, local, you name it — I have tried it! I have had a number of health issues over the years that have led me to really figure out what are the best foods for human health. I have also researched for over 10 years how to achieve the most sustainable yields in gardens and from wild ecosystems — wild forest foraging, raising chickens, permaculture gardening, container and urban gardening, aquaponics, micro-greens, making your own herbal medicines — the way of getting food that is best for the planet as well as convenient for the modern person. This journey of discovery is what drives this book, and it is the backbone of The Practical Forager.

More about the book:

The book will be a guide to eating, gathering, and growing the most sustainable, healthy, and fun food possible.  It’s a journey through the current state of our food system from the eyes of a sustainable forager — one who is “doing it right” — and how to arrive at that place living in modern society.   One of the chapters will create sample diets that will be the most sustainable, doable, and nutritious possible.  It will cover how to live off the wild, and the surplus food your garden or local ecosystem produces.

The Practical Forager will be available in a printed book as well as electronic version for Kindle and other readers.

The book will include:

  • a guide to common edible wild plants of the world
  • a crash course in plants called “grocery store botany”
  • over 30 recipes
  • easy ways to garden and tend the wild
  • discussions on a variety of topics including oxalates, gmo’s, paleo diet, green smoothies, wild nutrition
  • much more!

This is only a small sampling of what the book will discuss and outline.  It is a cross between a plant guide and a more broad and digestible book such as the bestselling 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.

It is unlikely to be written, at least not any time soon, without a successful KickStarter campaign. With only 36 hours left to make the goal (ends officially Friday morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time), please make your PLEDGE NOW


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