Final Push for the Kickstarter Campaign

Only 3 days left to fund The Practical Forager!


I received a great response over the weekend.  Thanks!  With only 3 days left, I’m hoping for a final push that will get the project to its goal.  Remember, if the goal is not met, then nothing is funded.   So please pledge now, or again, or help spread the word!


The book will be a guide to eating, gathering, and growing the most sustainable, healthy, and fun food possible.  It’s a journey through the current state of our food system from the eyes of a sustainable forager — one who is “doing it right” — and how to arrive at that place living in modern society.   One of the chapters will create sample diets that will be the most sustainable, doable, and nutritious possible.  It will cover how to live off the wild, and the surplus food your garden or local ecosystem produces.


For instance, so what if oxalis is edible — you can’t live off it.  Purslane is abundant and nutritious,  but how much of it can you really eat?  What about digestion?  Potential toxins such as oxalates?   What if I told you that there is a researcher who proposes that pine pollen and stinging nettles provide most everything nutritionally one needs to live and be healthy?  And that nettles grow naturally and can be easily cultivated underneath pine trees — one of the most abundant and toughest trees in the world.


Although the book will be plant focused, it will also discuss the other food groups — fungi, animals, and bacteria and how they are connected.  For instance, did you know that most grasses are edible, extremely nutritious, and are super abundant on this planet?  Have you also ever tried to just live off grass juice and rhizomes?  It’s not very practical to say the least.  What is practical though, is that rabbits are grass eaters and rabbits are good for most people to eat.  And far more practical and sustainable than grass fed beef, which the book will also discuss in a bare bones (pardon the pun), need–to-know manner.

This is only a small sampling of what the book will discuss and outline.  It is a cross between a plant guide and a more broad and digestible book such as the bestselling 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.

It is unlikely to be written, at least not any time soon, without a successful KickStarter campaign.  


Only 3 days left to make the goal!

Make a pledge, get a cool reward, and help make The Practical Forager a reality!


Happy Foraging!