Kevin was born and raised in Nashville, moved to California for 20 years where he farmed regeneratively, authored several books, and was a renowned foraging instructor. In 2021 his mother died, and he and his family returned to Tennessee, and live in the house that he grew up in.  He and his wife Lauren, and their son Hank, farm the backyard (including the driveway) as well as 3 neighbors’ yards.

Kevin has been known as Feral Kevin in social media for years, and is on YouTube and Instagram. His farm in California was Feijoa Farms, now renamed Vicky May Farms, after his mother.

Collaboration with Blue Honey Farms in Eagleville, TN. Tony and Joy run Blue Honey Farms, which has been primarily a blueberry farm for over a decade, just outside of Nashville. Kevin and Tony have been collaborating on growing some unusual fruits. This year, after a warm winter with early blooming followed by a freeze, the majority of the blueberry crop was lost for the season. God often works in mysterious ways, so a new direction and partnership was born out of what seemed to be a disaster. At Blue Honey, a variety of crops have been introduced besides blueberries as well as a variety of growing strategies. There is nearly an acre of elderberries planted and this year should be the first harvest! You can visit both Tony and Kevin at the Franklin Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

How we farm:  We are non-certified organic, we don’t use any chemicals ever, and focus on growing using ecologically regenerative practice, providing habitat for pollinators, and building the soil food web. 

Learn about our unusual food crops and why we grow them!