Consultation and Design

I have done hundreds of professional designs and consultations all over the United States and Canada. Need to know what type of food forest plants grow best in your area? Where to place them? How they interact with each, or sometimes more importantly how they interact with you? From simple annual gardens and raised beds to market farms and backyard orchards, food forests big and small, I have helped people through it all! Let me help you as well.


Virtual Consultations

$50 per 30 minutes virtually anywhere in the world!    

I can help you reach your food growing goals, whether it be a garden, farm, food forest, permaculture system, or container garden or combination.  

In Person Consultations

If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, contact me at or 510 717 2293. I charge $100 per hour (plus travel time depending on how far).  

Edible Landscape, Garden, Farm ,and Food Forest Professional Design

I charge $100 per hour for professional design services. Contact me at or 510 717 2293 to discuss.  A design usually includes: 

— A initial interview and consultation to discuss your site and your goals

— A overhead view of your site with the elements of the design, such as the plant placement, chicken coop, existing trees, etc.

— A narrative explaining the design and it’s implementation that includes a list of resources