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Biochar, Compost Tea, Azomite

Biochar + Biology + Minerals = miraculous healing of the soil?

For instance, soak Biochar in aerated (brewed) compost tea, work it into soil along with mineral clays like Azomite or Terramin.  Mycorhizae as well.

The combo remediates toxins, adds long lasting carbon to the soil, and replenishes its minerals.

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3 thoughts on “Biochar, Compost Tea, Azomite

  1. that’s so cool! But how does one make biochar? What temperature does it need to get to? Argh, I can’t wait another 4 years for the results of the study — do you know?

  2. How does one make biochar? Here’s how I do it. Start with a Weber Smoky Joe patio grill, remove the wooden handle and meat grille, close the lid vent and open the bottom vent. Set on a fireproof level surface (I do it in my indoor fireplace in the winter). Load the grill with DRY sticks of no more than 1″ diameter, criss-crossed for good circulation. Set the lid in place (it must be a good fit, close to airtight). Build a wood fire under/around the grill so that the flames lick the bowl of the grill. Within 20-30 minutes or so the wood inside should be hot enough to begin pyrolizing, at which point flammable gases will begin to emerge from the bottom vent holes and ignite, adding mightily to the heating process and accelerating outgassing. When outgassing has pretty much stopped (20-40 minutes), rebuild the external fire for another 5 minutes or so to cook out the remaining pyroles. Then let the grill cool before opening! If you open too early, the hot charcoal inside may burst into flame and be consumed to ash. Once cool, open the grill and see the charcoal you made! It can be crushed to use as biochar. Research “terra preta” for more fascinating data.

  3. “The Biochar Revolution” with “The Biochar Solution”
    The Biochar Revolution collects the results and best practical advice that these entrepreneurs have to offer to the biochar community. When practice and theory advance to the point where they meet in the middle, then we will truly see a biochar revolution.

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