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In Season


Fava greens (very abundant — nice nutty taste — eaten raw)

Garlic mustard (is good if steamed or stir fried, makes a very
nutritious pesto)

Mallow (bland taste — extremely high in Vitamin A)

Kale (it’s mostly done for the year, letting it go to seed, which
we’’ll save)

Chard (best steamed or in scrambles)

Parsley (there’s just a bit, enough for a taste)

Picris (a notorious weed, it is edible when young, nutritious
with a slight cucumber/borage taste. Some are spikier
than others. It is an acquired taste.)

Collards (definitely going to plant more of this. I call it —
cabbage without the wait and slugs! Right now there are only a few plants, and its leaves are great for steaming)

Yellow dock (extremely nutritious, this common weed has
sour tasting edible leaves)


Calendula flowers (some like to add these to salads, other simply graze. They preserve very well when dried.

Mustard Flowers (excellent for grazing and salad as well as bouquets)


Purple Cauliflower — Beautiful and nutritious

Fava Beans (still green) — only go for the biggest pods, let the others grow.

Artichokes (there’s 3 and they are almost ready)

Asparagus is done for the year. We’re going to let leaf out now in order to let the root mass grow strong for next year’s