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Thistle Video

Finally made a new video.   Thistles, anyone?


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6 thoughts on “Thistle Video

  1. People all over the US watch your videos. Please be very specific with Latin names (Genus-Family-Species) regarding which plants you are eating. I am in Seattle and would love to be able to use the information you are providing. Thank you!

  2. In the Pacific NW, the roots of a native species of thistle (probably Cirsium edule) were eaten either raw or cooked. The shoots are edible too, after removing the spines of course!

  3. are all thistle stalks eatable? if not, which ones are? is milk thistle? what about “bull” thistle?

  4. As far as I know, all true thistle stalks are edible, but there are so many species, there might be some that are not someplace in the world. Milk thistle stalks are edible, but typically more better, I prefer milk thistles leaves. Bull thistle is often the name for the same plant that folks call common thistle or italian thistle, all of which are edible.

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