Wild Edible Lunch!

Wild Edible Lunch

May 5 $80 9:00am-2:00 pm, Lafayette, CA

Join Kevin for an edible adventure into the Bay Area’s wild and feral places. We’ll forage together, learning as we go about all the food that nature has to locally provide. We’ll discuss identification, hazards, nutrition, preparation, and the “what if’s” (as in “what if” the salmon and brodiaea bulbs were still abundant?)  We’ll give you some tips on how to enhance these foods growing in your own landscape or how to get them going in your own “wild” garden. We’ll gather as many wild edibles as we can and we’ll put them into our lunch that will be supplemented with stored acorns, bay nuts, and more from Kevin’s personal cache. In addition, fresh local wild seafood will be provided.


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