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Recipe for the Green Smoothie I Just Made


If I had to name this recipe it would be “spring cilantro mango”.  Or what about “cilantro mango tango”?

In a large vitamix blender I put:

— Fresh picked cilantro — leaves, stalks and several fresh “tips”, where it’s light green and juicy (where the plant is starting to send up its flowering stalk).  A lot of it, not just a dab for taste, but I filled a good third of the blender full.  I love cilantro.

— A bunch of medium sized spring growth of three different types of “wild” chard in the garden. Yellow, ruby, and white.

— A whole bunch of perfect, crispy heirloom lettuces.

— Two large collard greens

The various greens above were all picked by me from the garden and were organically grown in various composts, enriched with azomite natural mineral clay.  Picked minutes before blending.

— One half a lemon from a tree growing a few feet from the above greens — rind, juice, seeds, the whole half lemon

One organic apple

One peeled mango

teaspoon or so of pre-Fukushima kelp powder

teaspoon of sea salt

tablespoon of pine pollen harvested by me locally a few weeks ago

1/4 cup or so of chia seeds

About a pint or two of reverse osmosis purified water.


Blend and drink.

It tasted so good to me — I went to pour another glass and discovered it was all gone.  It was almost the entire large vitamix blender full in about 15 minutes. And I was wanting more!