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Recipe for the Green Smoothie I Just Made 2

Into a large vitamix blender I added:

— a whole lot of fresh garden cilantro with juicy stalks
— about 5 or 6 whole chard leaves fresh the garden, green, ruby, and yellow
— about 5 or so dark green dino kale leaves
— a whole head of an heirloom lettuce from the garden
— a large pinch of fresh rosemary from the garden
— a large handful of chickweed and cleavers from my patio/kitchen garden
— a pinch of fresh oregano from my patio/kitchen garden
— a pinch of fresh lemon balm from my patio/kitchen garden
— one whole organic apple
— one half lemon (with peel, pulp, seeds, everything) from the garden
— one teaspoon local wildflower honey
— one half teaspoon sea salt

enough water to make it a drink, not a milkshake.

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