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my edible balcony

As part of the Eat Local Challenge that I participated in last week, I made a short video of the most local food I eat — the plants on my balcony. In this video I discuss the edible plants nasturtium, Campanula, Calendula, and tea (Camellia sinensis). For more information on the tea plant, keep checking my blog for the video in-the-works on local caffeine.

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5 thoughts on “my edible balcony

  1. kevin – great video. your edible nasturtium made me wonder about other edible flowers. What would be your suggestions for an edible bouquet?

  2. For an edible bouquet? I guess that depends on where you live and what time of year. Here in California in May (aka here and now) I would suggest calendula, nasturtium, and campanula (no surprise) as well as mustard, wild radish, pansies and violets, marigolds, and many more like zinnias and squash if you wait for summer.

  3. Awesome video bro. I never thought about gardening my own food but this vid lays it out nicely which basically means you deliver information super easily.

    You remind me of a young James Burke. A guy like you should have your own show, and cover all kinds of things. Seriously.

    Have a good one.

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