Shilajit miracle of the Himalayas

Shilajit! Still lovin’ it. I was working with soil microbiology and remediation recently, and I was using humic and fulvic acids. In liquid form. Research suggested that humic acid removes chloramines from the water, something most purifiers and evaporation do not take out. This is bad for the compost tea organisms, and of course, our bodies. As much as I can rant about how amazing humic and fulvic acids are as a gardener, my first thought was, “can we eat this stuff?”

And then I learned about Shilajit (from David Wolfe), which has a ton of humic and fulvic acids in it, and suddenly that many more dots were connected. And the taste! Like fine tobacco, rich coffee, and dark chocolate . . . Mix it up with a nut butter or smoothie. Goes great with sweet things.

More to come . . .

Here is a video partially about Shilajit that mentions FeralKevin. I bought my Shijait powder through their site, RenegadeHealth.com