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All Raw Food Diet

So many of the health related sites I visit or people I meet are really hung up on the all-raw diet issue. As if we are trying to figure out the ONE diet for everybody. Everybody is different. Like Daniel Quinn suggests, there’s NO ONE RIGHT diet.

Anyway, here’s my spiel about raw foods:

Humans have had fire since before we were human. Chinese medicine (thousands of year old) largely frowns on raw foods. Hundreds of thousands of traditional and indigenous cultures throughout ALL of human history (and long before) have eaten cooked food. Humans are also diverse and adaptable and some people are able to really thrive on all raw food. Considering these facts, I’m personally bored by hearing the all raw or not debate.

Eat what makes you and future generations healthy and happy.

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2 thoughts on “All Raw Food Diet

  1. I’m with you Kevin. Although I think that there are some items that have more value as raw, coconut kefir , for one, for the most part, everything in moderation. Is there a society in the world that survives on raw only? |It’s just that we Americans have gotten lazy about our health and have forgotten what the eating experience is really about; family culture, life’s blessings, support of the hard working farmers. Our culture has grown up on convenience and letting the info come to us instead of doing our own research.

  2. Alton Brown touched on this on one of his shows. He discussed that yes, cooking destroys some of the nutrients, but humans are simply not equipped to crush most of the cells to release those nutrients. That’s not to say that Raw Food Diets are unhealthy, but they are not the panacea that a lot of proponents claim. Simply put, cooking helps us extract as much nutrients as we can, and the key is, cook things well but not until they are mush, and you’ll be fine. If a cooked food diet was so bad, then how has our species lasted this long?

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