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Feraltopia: An Ethnobotanical Park

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Feraltopia: An Ethnobotanical Park

Feraltopia aims to provide a place for foragers to gather and interact with wild plants and mushrooms. It also serves as a primitive campsite in which visitors really get a participatory nature experience with pristine solitude in the wilderness.

Foraging is becoming increasingly popular as people realize the important need for sustainable food, as well as the psychological need to revive our ancestral relationships to the natural world. And it’s fun! Kids love it. For very complex reasons, foraging is currently forbidden in most parks and wilderness areas. Harvesting in the city is often prohibited by private property and pollution. Feraltopia is an ethnobotanical park where people can explore these ancient relationships with plants in a beautiful and pristine forest.
Camping is also available. With no developed areas, the camping offered provides a great degree of solitude. And you can forage for your breakfast, too!

The $10K will go towards the down-payment on the purchase of the land in Northern California. A website will be created to advertise and provide information on the project. There will be an online registration process for becoming a registered forager, as well as a place to make online camping reservations. Classes will be held there, and information will be provided on how to take care of the land for the generations of foragers to come.