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Edible Apartment Balcony Video Part II: Sort of

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2 thoughts on “Edible Apartment Balcony Video Part II: Sort of

  1. do you completely satisfy your hunger off of your garden? or do you need to supplement with outside food?

    I really enjoy watching all of these plants that you have found to be edible, where did you learn all of this? I live in Georgia (near Savannah) and would like to learn how to do this also!

  2. Mostly what I learned was from the plants themselves. And the internet. A book I wish has knew about back then was Botany in a Day by Elpel. Get to know a few plants really well, start with the dandelion for instance. Find ways to eat it, grow it, use it for healing, whatever. Then move on to other plants that call to you (largely the ones that you see on a regular basis.) Otherwise, I would just notice plants everywhere I go. Just like people’s faces, they are patterns that your brained is designed to recognize. I also really like for internet research. Also scan through Google images. The key for me isn’t text or info or abstractions, it’s patterns. Scan for patterns all the time everywhere you go. By learning mushrooms, and insects, and birds, and soil, and water, and sun, you’ll deepen your knowledge about plants. And vice versa. One way to get into the right mindset is just sitting in one spot in the woods, garden, yard, etc for an hour, doing nothing but always coming back to your senses. Notice the wind, the birds, and relax. Being in the right mindset is crucial, or plants will never reveal their secrets.

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