What Can I Do to Prevent Peak Oil? — The All-American question

Happy New Year!

To start out the new year, I came across this video, sent to me by Wukdar

If you can pay attention to the frame on the left, the woman presents a very lucid layout of Peak Oil. From the video: “So what can you do to prevent Peak Oil? Nothing. Seriously, nothing.” She continues later, “All you can do is slow down collapse to give us enough time to figure out how to best release ourselves from the age of oil to a simpler, more intimate way of life.” That’s All-American feral!

This transitional perspective is long overdue. I experience nothing but satisfaction when working on solutions to make this transition better. When I was younger there were two choices that I noticed: horrible global apocalypse or techno-spritual salvation (Star Trek.) If you started paying attention to the events occurring, you saw it all going BOOM or you were an optimist, and you ignored those same occurrences. This doesn’t make any sense anymore. Collapse is what we have, we need to try to make it awesome rather than sucky. I’m mean, what else are you going to do, right?