10,000 B.C. trailer and all the ideas I have that come true

I’ve been wanting a movie about this subject for quite some time. I’ve thought about writing it, and making something like it into a screenplay. It’s still on the to-do list. But then the other night, I’m going to the IMDB for a reason I cannot even remember, and I see this title “10,000 B.C.” Never heard of it, and click on the trailer and lo and behold an item on my to do list got done, but unfortunately I didn’t get any credit, payment, or much participation in the process. Another thing is that the trailer looks pretty sensationalized and could go many ways. I suspect that it’s going to send off alarms to my knowledge of history and civilization, and ecology in many ways. I already suspect that the most acute level of annoyance will be at the civilization, linear progression flatland level. And the missed opportunities for the amazing things that could have been developed by the scenes that I imagined when I had thought of this as a movie a few years ago. I will see it and hope for the best, and try not let my nerdiness concerning perspectives generated around certain words and subsequential ideologies taint my enjoyment of the film too much.

For now, all I have is this preview (trailer.) It starts spooky scary. The past is this terrible scary place, right? So we have all the scary filmmaking tricks. Forboding. And we go the past, which is a time of “darkness” in this preview’s perspective. And then despite, the fact that all the words “Love, Hate, Good, Evil, Triumph, Fear, Loss ” generically describe the NOW fairly accurately, what it really shows the past as being is violent and harsh. As if the lights in the beginning of the preview represent this time of purity and peace or some bullshit. I see the lights going off and think about how much we have lost and how exciting a film could be that could take us back to that time of great natural abundance.

It’s cool that at least now a major film is coming out that at least contributes human wants and desires onto the people that lived back then. When I was growing up the perpsective was still strongly institutionalized that in 10,000 B.C., there was nothing but people living “nasty, brutish, and short” lives. They were just animals, bascially, and they had no anything at all but torture, because with this perspective that’s what we can justify doing to them. Running around like a tortured lab rat who escapes, lashing out in a desperate attempt at food, with the occassional belittling act of shitting or fucking. Thank Goodness for the lights at night as seen from space and modern life, because we no longer have to shit and fuck anymore. We’re the tortured lab rats, and we have projected that onto our past, just like this movie projects busy -body caffeinated stress culture and current Hollywoodness into 10,000 B.C. Or at least that’s what I get from the watching the trailer.