Garden Coaching

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Ask a garden or foraging related question and receive a personalized answer from me.

 $10 $5.95 per email.

I also offer in person coaching $50  per hour with minimum of $100 (plus travel if necessary) plus 4 free email sessions. For this email me at feralkevin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Food Garden Installation:

I feel that we could change the world and ourselves if we all grew more of our own food. I like to focus especially on greens (the most nutrient dense foods on the planet) and fresh herbs. I also like to grow expensive or hard to find foods that you can’t afford or simply can’t find for sale. I also like growing superfoods and hyper nutritious plants to give you more “bang for the buck” in your garden. Another thing is that the above mentioned foods available at markets typically lack the nutrition and flavor of my style of gardening.  I simply can’t stand the taste of most market greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

45 Gallon Smart pot installation $500 ($850 for 2, $1100 for 3) Smart pots are ideally suited if you are on concrete or on a deck. They work amazingly well for the plants, but do require more attentive watering.  They are water conserving, but not as much as the Earthboxes. I recommend attentive hand watering for optimal results. It’s not convenient or advised to move the smart pots once the plants are growing.   

Here is what goes into your 45 gallon smart pot garden:

45 gallon smart pot

Boogie Brew water filter

My special blend of organic, mineral rich soil

garden nozzle

Plants from my list: free

Earthbox installation. $400 ($550 for 2, $700 for 3)  Earthboxes are an amazing way to save water and are very tidy and easy to move, even while plants are growing.  I recommend that they be at least in shade some of the day and are protected from strong winds.  Most patios are perfect for this.  Excellent for balcony plants so the watering doesn’t run down onto your neighbors below.

Here is what goes into your Eartbox garden:

Earthbox Planter

Boogie Brew water filter

My special blend of organic, mineral rich soil

garden nozzle

Plants from my list: free

Optional — Cheaper Garden Patch Growbox (I love these, but the are not mobile and not quite as water saving) subtract $20

Gardening with Kids

$25 per hour per child, $50 minimum

I have worked with kids and gardening for over 10 years, and I feel that every child should have the experience of growing their own food and understanding the nature around them that supports life. I will install any of the above gardens, but work with the help of your kids, teaching them along the way, and coaching them how to care for the garden once it’s installed.

Site analysis

$50 per hour with minimum of $100 (plus travel if necessary).  I can tell you what is already growing there (like wild plants or edible plants that you might not know are edible) as well as suggestions for improving the land ecologically, functionally, and for growing more food!

If you’d like any of these services, please email me at feralkevin (at) gmail (dot) com.