Garden salad and cornbread with ingredients from recipe

herbs and greens for salad

Garden salad with:

flowering mache tops

cilantro tips

wild onion lily flowers

baby purple tree collards

fresh lemon juice

olive oil

the finest salt in all the Shire

coarsely ground black pepper

comments:  The baby collards hit the umami receptors, but all the food had that richness. The subtle mustardy spice kick of the collards and the garlic/onion spice of the wild onion lily flowers was balanced by the cool succulent quality of the mache. The cilantro tips add almost a sweetness that just made it all work. It really brought out the taste of the garden. We liked this one a lot. Did nothing else while eating it.

garden salad for blog

Cornbread with:

cornmeal with baking powder

coconut flower

camelina and coconut oil and grass fed butter

chopped wild onion lily greens



pastured eggs

rice milk with lemon juice

Comments:  “Tell me that’s not the best cornbread you have ever had”  “Wow. Wow.” ” Defintiely one of the best ever.  The onions!  I can’t even have it any more without the onions.”

Everything in both dishes organic and beyond. All greens and herbs from 8 feet outside the kitchen grown in soil high in trace minerals and beneficial microbes using filtered water.