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Chanterelle Wandering

It seems this time of year I don’t make a lot of posts or videos. I find myself hunkering down inside, as it’s cold, rainy, and dark outside. When I am out, I’m foraging for mushrooms and fruit tree pruning. Harvesting wild greens, making soups. Why don’t I film this? Partially because the rain deters me from bringing the camera. Often it’s too dark out to make good video. And partially because there’s a total quietness that I like to get when I’m in the forest wandering, listening for the call of the Chanterelles. Talking to the camera and the awareness that it brings seems like dropping a cannonball into a perfectly still mountain lake. That tranquility, that baseline state of awareness that Chanterelle hunting often leads to, is one the most healing things I do. But I should bring the camera out at least one time, no?

Well, I’ll do one better. In March, I’ll be leading a wild food walk in the spirit of Chanterelle Wandering, looking at all the wild foods that grow near and around Chanterelles — the magical golden flesh of our oak/bay forests.