Never eat a wild mushroom unless . . .

Well, unless a lot of things actually. Like you consult with a local expert. You “see through native eyes” and are intimately familiar with the mushroom. But the one that I really want to reiterate here today after my class (which was a lot of fun, albeit not a good foraging day) is this:

Don’t eat a wild mushroom unless you can identify it as a species (scientific name). Using at least three different sources.
“I’m eating a slippery jack” (which I do not recommend!) is not going to cut it unless you are very daring or perhaps foolish. You should be able to know exactly what Genus and species it is. There are different types of slippery jacks, and not all sources say the same thing about their edibility.

Just because someone tells you something is edible, doesn’t mean you should eat it! Now if I’m eating something with you, then you should at least seriously consider it. 🙂

Just be careful.