What do you want?

I need input! What would you like me to do on this blog? Topics? Directions? Humor? More videos? More articles?
More big picture, less how-to? The other way around? Just leave a comment below or use the CONTACT tab above. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. Hi Kevin,
    You’re on the right track. Keep going on what is your passion. People need to know about natives, foraged wild plants, as a source of medicine, food, health, history and culture. as a source of survival. You might want to consider adding more recipes. I can help there if you like. But you are at the top of your game! Bravo, Maestro!

  2. Kevin, your recent post on edible urban container gardening is the perfect mix of practicality and good conscience. The only question I have right now is how to adapt your ideas for living in other parts of the country, where the climate is quite different. (It’s already very cold where I live, so my wild harvesting options are limited. I set up some fluorescent lights in the basement and have a pot of greens going, but now I need to quick gather some seeds before the snow blankets everything!) Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Thanks, Rhet. As far as adapting my ideas for a colder winter climate, you just have to be more on it and your windows are shorter. (A greenhouse can always work if you want to go that route.) But you have to preserve things through drying, fermenting . . . things like seeds and nuts can be stored as is, and also sprouted indoors for additional nutrition. Sunflower sprouts are a favorite. Here, you can be lazier, but that’s the main difference. I still have to dry my plums, and preserve my elderberries in brandy, or freeze my acorns, or make a dried green powder out of my succulent nettles and mallow.
    Find out what traditional and indigenous people in your area and similar areas around the world actually did. It’s strange that somewhere our ancestors were deemed to be ignorant buffoons. When, in many important ways, they were geniuses compared to modern humans. With the amount of skills and knowledge they had, we might look like total invalids to them. I feel like we have a tremendous amount to learn from their way of life.

  4. I’d like:
    to be on a mailing list, please.
    to know a LOT MORE ABOUT local guilds, please.
    to pay you for tours of your favorite wild haunts — why they’re big, why they’re cool, what you like about them.
    to have a single abstract concept/aspect explained in a video that gives multiple examples. IPM is (concept) (five examples with beautiful footage shot by KevinDaMan). Swaling is (concept) (an evaluation of a swaled hillside). Guilds are (concept) (Whooo! Show us yer guilds! …uhm, we promise not to throw beads at you.)

    Anything you choose to do will be brilliant. I eagerly look forward to your offerings, and thank you sincerely.

  5. Hi Kevin,
    I would like to see more:
    – Videos. They are wonderful and inspiring.
    – More recipes would be great. It would also be nice to learn a bit more about how best to prepare/preserve and store foraged items.
    – I would also like to learn more about medicinal plants, how to use them, etc.

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