Practically Wild: Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager

My new book, Practically Wild: Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager, has been released!  Currently it is only available by ordering here  (click “add to cart”) — or in person such as in one my classes or talks.

This book has proven difficult for me come up with a concise description of its subject matter. I like to say it’s my 15+ years of research into food and health. It’s a deliberate hodge podge — its subject matter is very broad. It’s stuff that I think we all should know as humans on planet Earth today. When I started my journey over 15 years ago, I was just finding out how we were doing everything catastrophically wrong in regards to food, health, and the environment. After having digested that and my life changed forever, I realized that what I needed to figure out was how to do it the right way. So Practically Wild is that research essentially distilled into a need-to-know, easy to understand format so that everyone may share in the knowledge I’ve gained about these subjects. If we realize that our global culture is doing it way wrong, which is widely understood by now, this book is my attempt to show us how to do it right, based on my experience, observations, and ongoing research.

Practically Wild

Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager

by Kevin Feinstein (December 2014)

Paperbackbook cover practically wild

Over 15 years of food and health research condensed

Color photographs

Guides to understanding plants and mushrooms

What kind of food to eat, water to drink 

Personal stories from Kevin

Gardening Tips and Advice