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Chanterelles, Bay Nuts, and Nettles: Wild Permaculture Guild?

New video, again shot in early March. I’ve noticed how three of my favorite foraged foods are scarcely (if at all) eaten by wildlife. They require processing, namely heat (chanterelles and bay nuts both must be cooked before they are edible). This type of processing (at least on planet Earth) can only be done by humans. Nettles aren’t the best example as they can be eaten by a number of animals (but almost never here in my area.)

As far as permaculture plant guilds, (I guess one is a mushroom), the chanterelles and bay nuts already grow together. When out ecodreaming, which this video essentially is, I always imagine getting some nettles from downstream (usually contaminated with runoff) and propagating them up higher near the California bay trees. There I would give them my excess water to help them along (or place them near a spring source.) Ah, my nettle garden.

Enjoy . . .