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Help! Acorn harvesters needed

We in the Bay Area home of the Valley Oak (Lafayette/Walnut Creek area), are in a dire situation. We have a week or two to harvest all the acorns fallen off this year’s bumper crop. Seriously, each and every acorn is crying out to us as we literally walk and drive on them and throw them away, still the vast majority simply rotting. I have grown wheat and potatoes, two amazing food producing sustainability crops that can provide food for when it really counts. But they almost pale in comparison with what the valley oaks can do. The reason this food source is overlooked is cultural. Acorns are delicious, especially if made into a flour, which is the best way to store it, too. You just have to grind and leach them and think of it as almond flour/wheat flour in one.

So we need people to come and help do this now before mold and weevil larvae consume them.