Finally a bit of sun

Not only did we have our first sunny day in a long time here this weekend, it was warmish (61 or so) and beautiful. Now being in mid February, we are far enough away from the Winter Solstice that the sun can actually begin doing something. I made a green smoothie from the backyard patio garden for the first time in a while.

From the backyard I gathered:
purple tree collards
minutina greens and immature seedheads
flat leaf parsley
a few sow thistle leaves
To these in the Vitamix I added:
— 2 small meyer lemons whole — peel and all (from the lemon tree I have tended for 11 years)
— 1 organic pear from my box with Imperfect Produce
— 1 organic (peeled) kiwi fruit from Imperfect Produce
— 2 organic bananas from Whole Foods
— some high quality sea salt
— a tablespoon of MCT oil
— 1.5 tablespoons of Organic India Psyllium husks
— a good helping of organic chia seeds
— Reverse Osmosis water
my avocado was rotten, but would have added it (and always recommend avocado in green smoothies)