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recipe for acorn pancakes

The thing I like about this recipe the most (besides the deliciousness!) is that it uses a lot of acorn meal. Most wild food recipes I come across only suggest adding wild foods to ordinary recipes in rather small quantities. I have acorns. I want to eat them. I don’t want to just disguise them in my convential dishes. This recipe is satisfying for that reason.

1.5 cups leached acorn meal
.5 cups sprouted flour (or regular flour)
3/4 cup dried huckleberries
1 tsp sea salt
1 heaping tsp baking soda
1 egg
1 or 2 cups milk (try acorn milk!) add to consistency

it’s also good without the huckleberries.

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4 thoughts on “recipe for acorn pancakes

  1. Can you describe acorn milk and how it can be made and used? I did a search for it and all I found was a dairy farm called Acorn Dairy and this article that doesn’t really give much information.

  2. Acorn milk for me is the liquid squeezed out of the acorn meal after leaching. I squeeze the cheesecloth and get this amazing brown liquid, that looks like soy milk and is similar in texture. I love the taste (all bitterness should have been leached out). To think I used to just pour this liquid out — now it’s my favorite part!

  3. Cool, I’m gonna have to try a few experiments of my own. There are some cheese cultures that work with soy milk. I wonder if they could work with acorn milk.

  4. what about the small live oak acorn of the south east , I heard it was full of tanin . You refer to leaching but as of yet i have not come across more detailed info about acorn leaching. Can you give the linking page for this . Thanks Phil

    You have some realy cool info

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