Fancy backyard salad recipe with loquats and feta

loquat backyard salad fancy zoomed out



We were out on a bike ride and noticed a beautiful fully grown loquat tree at the end of a court along the trail. Many of its fruit were ripe, reachable and good, so we grabbed a few to take home for later.

At home, I gathered from the backyard patio garden some of my finest ingredients:

  • wild onion lily flowers and greens
  • tiny broccoli tops
  • minutina (buckhorn plantain) leaves
  • cilantro pre-flowering tips
  • johnny jump up (edible violet and pansy relative) flowers
  • flowering mache tips
  • baby purple tree collard leaves

We chopped them up and added to them: the slices of loquat, feta cheese, camelina oil / olive oil blend, black pepper and the finest salt in all the Shire.

For Dessert:

Also while out on the trail, we came across a very interesting super early feral mulberry tree. We gathered a handful of the ripe berries, which were very good, not the sweetest but had more of that unique mulberry taste with an amazing texture. We added them to Strauss vanilla ice cream drizzled with sunflower butter.  I might make another post about this mulberry tree soon.

mulberries from trail