Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging

My E-book, Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging , is available for download!  Applicable to most of North America if not beyond, this guide is designed to be for the beginning mushroom forager — the guide I wish I would have had when I first started to learn about wild mushrooms.   64 pages, 40+ color photos, PDF format, $5.99
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The Primitive Gardener (electronic version)

A Novel

by Kevin Feinstein (August 2017)


Matthew Falco wants to heal the planet by growing his garden. Real estate being at a premium, he purchases land far out in the rugged and beautiful wilderness. He sets out with the intention of thriving on the land, but the struggles he encounters test his very will to survive.

The tale follows Falco as he rehabilitates the land, forages for wild plants and mushrooms, hunts wild game, and faces his biggest challenge — the loneliness of his own mind. Enter the wild, full of beauty and danger, where Falco strives to find his role in the world of society and his place in nature.

“In The Primitive Gardener, [Kevin Feinstein] candidly shares his rich knowledge of living with nature, foraging, and food growing to weave an amazing fictional adventure that in many ways is more of a how-to guide than his preceding non-fictional endeavors The Bay Area Forager and Practically Wild.”

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Practically Wild: Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager

My latest book is available in electronic form! It is a PDF version that should be readable on my platforms and technologies. 260 pages, color photos, PDF format, $9.95
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About the book:

Practically Wild: Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager is a distillation of my 15+ years of research and experience with food, health, foraging, gardening, and a host of other related topics. I wrote this book for folks that want to know more about their food and how to think about health but don’t have the time or ability to follow up on this themselves. In this book is the knowledge and practices that have transformed my life (and continues to do so.)