The Primitive Gardener

A Novel

by Kevin Feinstein (August 2017)



Matthew Falco wants to heal the planet by growing his garden. Real estate being at a premium, he purchases land far out in the rugged and beautiful wilderness. He sets out with the intention of thriving on the land, but the struggles he encounters test his very will to survive.

The tale follows Falco as he rehabilitates the land, forages for wild plants and mushrooms, hunts wild game, and faces his biggest challenge — the loneliness of his own mind. Enter the wild, full of beauty and danger, where Falco strives to find his role in the world of society and his place in nature.

“In The Primitive Gardener, [Kevin Feinstein] candidly shares his rich knowledge of living with nature, foraging, and food growing to weave an amazing fictional adventure that in many ways is more of a how-to guide than his preceding non-fictional endeavors The Bay Area Forager and Practically Wild.”

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Practically Wild

Food and Health Through the Eyes of a Modern Forager

by Kevin Feinstein (December 2014)

Paperbackbook cover practically wild

Over 15 years of food and health research condensed

Color photographs

Guides to understanding plants and mushrooms

What kind of food to eat, water to drink 

Personal stories from Kevin

Gardening Tips and Advice



We know what’s bad out there in the world of food and health. There are countless books, movies, articles, and websites about the current global environmental crisis, and more specifically how our food and lifestyles contribute to this. Practically Wild is about what to do right, and how to think about all these seemingly complex topics in a very simple way — by seeing ourselves as part of an ecosystem, both locally and globally. Many topics are explored in Practically Wild: GMO’s, oxalates, algae, animal foods, gardening, shopping choices, water filtration, exercise modalities, different diets such as paleo, raw vegan, macrobiotic, and of course plants, mushrooms, and foraging.