Acorns, Autumnberries, and More

Food Walk in Mega Diverse Edible Landscape ,July 28, 10am-12 am $40 (Lafayette, CA)

Local Staples: Acorns July 29, 2012 $25 (Lafayette) (Crash course in turning acorns into food)

Food Walk:  Forage for Autumnberries!  August 19, 10am-12 am $40 (Lafayette, CA)

Autumnberries have many names.  Elaeagnus, Autumn Olives, and locally “inside-out berries.”  These plants are amazing!  They fix nitrogen in the soil, grow with little or no care, produce ridiculous amounts of fruit that are unique and delicious.  They are also nutritionally considered to be super food, not only with omega 3 fatty acids (very rare plants) but also 17 times the lycopene as tomatoes!

A general tour of other edible and wild plants nearby will also be available.