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Kickstarter Campaign continues in week 2!

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Thank you to everyone that has pledged their support for The Practical Forager book project via Kickstarter!   It is most appreciated.   I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, and unless the goal is reached, nothing is funded.  That’s the way Kickstarter works, it’s all or nothing.

Pledging your support for this project is as simple as PRE-ORDERING a book.  By pledging as low as $25 you can get a guaranteed copy of the first printing of the book when released.  You simply agree to buy it now, and get receive it next year when the book is printed as a “reward” for your pledge.  For those who prefer Kindle or other electronic readers, you can pledge $15 and receive the electronic version of the book as soon as it’s finished.

Here is the link to the campaign below.  Thanks again for your support!