Picnic Lunch and Learn

Lately I’ve been busy not so much foraging, but really enjoying the benefits of gardening and being in the kitchen. I’ve been eating so well this summer from all the fresh ingredients and Lauren’s amazing cooking, that I thought I had to share this with you. Here is just one of the amazing dishes we’ve had that I actually thought to take a picture of and write down what was in it.

chicken kale salad

organic fried chicken (chopped)

Chicaoji sauce (aka best hot sauce ever, it will change your life)

Strauss organic sour cream made into onion dip (from “100 Days of Real Food”)

garden grown sun berries

garden grown golden berries (cape gooseberries)

garden grown blue dwarf kale salad

garden grown cucumber (peeled)

homemade organic corn tortillas chips (broken)

organic sunflower seeds

organic roasted cashews

high quality early press olive oil

organic coconut oil

avocado oil

organic cheese

garden grown gotu kola leaves

garden grown malabar spinach leaves (baby)

garden grown johnny jump-up flowers

Celtic sea salt

organic black pepper

toasted sesame oil

organic black sesame seeds

organic onions finely chopped

Braggs apple cider vinegar

organic fresh lemon juice


Of course reading about it doesn’t come anywhere close to actually tasting it. Nor does my not so well taken photograph. So we’re doing a picnic class while the garden is still very active, and of course some foraged foods will be in there, too.

Picnic Lunch and Learn — September 13, Sunday, 11:30am-2:00pm. Join Kevin Feinstein and Lauren Henry for a food walk and picnic lunch. We’ll go on a small tour of the local open space, and continue this food exploration into the garden. We’ll conclude with a picnic including locally sourced, foraged, and garden grown foods. The menu will be emailed to you closer to the time of the class. Think Marin Sun meats, garden cole slaw and salad, green smoothie popsicles, and elderberry dessert. $50 per person