Freedom, yeah, right

Just recently enjoyed another newsletter from Green Deane at Eattheweeds.com.  In it he posts the following story about his youth. I think it is a horrible but important reminder of how we really do not have much freedom as human beings on this planet. Of course, when you find out the true reasons for this erosion of liberty and how it was done, it becomes almost unbearable for most people.  Deane does a nice job of making a joke about it, but unfortunately this is the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our lack of freedom as human beings of the Earth.

“The best plan was walk to an island at low tide on a Saturday afternoon. Spend the night on the island as the tide came in and then head back to the mainland the next afternoon at the low tide. We boys would build a fire, scavenge the shore for edibles include little crabs, trapped fish, clams and a few mussels. A traditional clambake followed using hot rocks and seaweed. We kept the fire going all night and slept in its glow. Do that today and several laws would have been broken and half the child protective service department would swarming over the place. We all know the headlines: CHILDREN ABANDONED ON ISLAND… video of my negligent mother being arrested at 11. Law suits would follow. Custody hearings et cetera … However, in hindsight what was special were the mussels.”

Thanks, Deane, keep up the good work!