Food Garden Installation Services

More and more lately I have been “foraging” from my own backyard garden. I spend very little time maintaining it, but this year has been the most productive and successful of any garden I have ever grown. 
It has been such a blessing, that I realize more and more that everyone should have something like this. There are so many health and environmental reasons to have a garden even if it’s a small patio garden on concrete like mine.

I do not buy greens, nor herbs. I also won’t buy cucumbers or tomatoes. Not even from the farmer’s market. These are things I grow myself. I am forever spoiled by the amazing taste of my homegrown produce. Beyond that, my produce is more nutritious (fresher and grown in mineral rich soil teaming with beneficial soil microbiology.)

I want to create gardens like I grow for you. Very small scale, intensive, grown with all the tricks and products that I’ve discovered over the years. Perfectly suited for folks that don’t have much if any land. When looking at my backyard, most people (including myself when I first moved in) would think that it isn’t a place to have a garden.)  It’s a tiny space, all concrete, with buildings and trees limiting sun exposure. But it can be done, and done well!

So I am currently offering 2 different garden installation packages. 45 gallon smart pot and Earthbox (wicking, self watering planter box).  Click here to see my prices and plans!

I am also offering site analysis, in person and email garden coaching, as well as gardening with kids. Click here to find out more.