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FeralKevin Presents: Urban Foraging with Camellia japonica and Prunus laurocerasus

DISCLAIMER: I have never eaten these flowers or fruit in quantity. And besides, FeralKevin Presents is decidedly for entertainment only. Go to Plants For A Future ( to start your research.

And today upon posting this video, I went for an urban hike, and noticed two different hedges of Prunus laurocerasus. Megahedges providing complete privacy for the very large residencies. They had been pruned, though, as to not bear any fruit. After the “fall” or perhaps I should say after the “rise” of sanity, this will not be the case. They will spill out over the sidewalk and into the street, covered with fruit. Some of the fruit might be too bitter for us, but not for the birds. The robins especially seem to go crazy for them here.