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Earth 2100 and garden and foraging update

As far as Earth 2100, I thought it was going be a longer clip that was used, and I was disappointed with the show. Artistically, I thought it was a confused cop-out, describing the present and calling it the future. But at least it’s trying.

Been way too busy with work, spring is the best, but it’s a crazy busy time of year for me. The latest thing I foraged, and I wish it would have gotten on video, was a wild artichoke. The artichoke thistle grows all over out here, in very marginal areas, and people hate it as a weed. The local parks, who are otherwise cool as park people go, even poison the soil and creek by spraying herbicides on it. Right now there is a huge crop potentially, I haven’t checked but a few small patches personally. But they’ve been a huge hit with kids and adults alike. They are straight up- no difference in taste whatsoever — a regular artichoke! The only thing is that instead of being a little “pokey” like an artichoke the inedible parts are f***ing razor sharp!

Anyway, I went up into the hills again today and it was amazingly beautiful! Crazy storm clouds. Incredible. I saw lots of yarrow and mugwort, and I found a bay tree with tons of baby fruit. The wild oats have mostly fallen never to be found on the ground, at least by humans. I saw brodiaea flowers, beautiful, but pale in quantity to what I’ve heard they once were — thick as grass. I only saw a few scattered here and there. I found a hazelnut tree (Corylus californica). Hopelessly in the shade, longing for a wetter, healthier time. More hazelnuts please. Thought about taking a cutting and bringing it to the garden. Give it more sun, and enough water. Nature misses us terribly.