Can I actually live off the wild in this day and age?

foraged table

This is an often asked question in my classes.  It’s up there with “is foraging sustainable?”  Another topic of frequent inquiry concerns calories and nutrition — as well as how much of my own personal diet comes from foraging.  These questions are central to the new book, The Practical Forager.  I will address these topics and the new questions they create as we journey down the rabbit hole of foraging and food in today’s world.

The Practical Forager will be available in a printed book as well as electronic version for Kindle and other readers.

The book will include:

  • a guide to common edible wild plants of the world
  • a crash course in plants called “grocery store botany”
  • over 30 recipes
  • easy ways to garden and tend the wild
  • discussions on a variety of topics including oxalates, gmo’s, paleo diet, green smoothies, wild nutrition
  • much more!

This book aims to serve as a practical guide to understand the big picture of food and nature in our modern world, as well as how to act on this knowledge. The information presented in The Practical Forager is not obscure; it’s about life and food — basic things that much of modern culture has forgotten.  It’s about putting together a complete picture for everyone — stuff that everyone should know being an eater and breather on planet Earth.  But who has the time to learn all this and do the research?  That’s why I’m writing The Practical Forager — so you don’t have to!  This book is a culmination of my 15 years of research and experience.

Self-publishing has been wonderful — but it does have its costs.  That is why I am seeking funding via KickStarter to make this book a reality.  The Kickstarter campaign is halfway over, and I still need your help to make the goal.  If the goal is not made, then nothing is funded.  I have several different rewards for those who pledge.  The most basic is simply pre-ordering a copy of the book.   Other rewards include consultations, land assessments, wild food walks,  private mushroom forays led by me, and several more.

Make a pledge, get a cool reward, and help make The Practical Forager a reality!


Happy Foraging!