Best Easter Ever

On this Easter day I ate a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes, took my pine pollen tincture, and went out for a very long day of sharing what I know about plants as fast as I can. This is the time of year here in the Bay Area for foragers!  The hills are green and full of flowers and nearly everything is edible.

Wild mustard and radish flowers, miner’s lettuce, wild oats, chickweed, cardoons, thistle stalks, salsify roots and leaves, cilantro, fava bean leaves, calendula flowers, mugwort, mint, mallow, pine pollen, and yep, you guessed it, fresh pastured chicken eggs.

There was a big pile of eggs in the chicken coup, all different colors. Since we came unprepared, a make-shift Easter egg basket had to be constructed. This was a paper bag filled skillfully with pine needles and such to pad the eggs for their transit back home.  I mean how do you accidentally make an Easter egg basket and fill it with colored eggs?  Today we found out.

I taught a class at Sienna Ranch first, had an amazing group. We walked through a wild mustard car wash, surrounded by food everywhere.

Then across town I led the East Bay Raw Food Meetup group on a tour of a semi-wild garden and then through the fields of flowers and wild oats all the way down to the creek and back up.  Got sunburn.  Tired.

Happy Easter!