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I do custom walks, talks, classes, tours.  Just email me at feralkevin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Edible Wild Plant Guided Tours, Classes, and Forays

In all my classes, kids under 12 come for free (so as long as they are supervised).

Wild Mushroom Crash Course and Tour November 29, 2015, Sunday, 2:30pm-5pm (Oakland Hills OR Lamorinda Area) $50 — Join Kevin Feinstein (Feral Kevin) on a guided tour of local wild mushrooms!  Get the crash course on the local fungal foraging scene and explore the area, seeing what’s fruiting in our short but often intense mushroom season!

Wild Mushroom Crash Course and Tour December 5, 2015, Saturday, 10am-1pm (Lafayette Community Park meeting spot, Lafayette) $50 — Join Kevin Feinstein (Feral Kevin) on a guided tour of local wild mushrooms!  Get the crash course on the local fungal foraging scene and explore the area, seeing what’s fruiting in our short but often intense mushroom season!

More Mushroom dates to come, be sure to check back regularly for updates. Mushrooms are ephemeral — they are here in a hurry and gone in a hurry, so I can’t always schedule these things far in advance on perfect weekend days.  You can also book me for a private walk for your group, December 6 being my first available date.  Just email me.  Also available most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Virtual Mushroom Foraging!  

Our mushroom season is so short here locally, but often very intense. I feel that with our busy schedules we often miss much (or all) of it.  It is especially difficult to find locations suitable to take a large group to find and learn about mushrooms.  But many of you out there are seeing them pop up, maybe even going on your own expeditions.  So don’t know what kind they are or how to go about further investigation on your own?  Call me!  We can set up FaceTime or other video conferencing, or a simple call/text and and submission of video or pictures, probably taken from your phone. Best done live in the field, but also possible to do after your foray.  When am I available? Off and on, here and there, just like you.  If you want to schedule something in advance with me, email me.

If you just happen upon mushrooms without a plan or appointment, as often occurs, just email me immediately at feralkevin (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject “Virtual Mushroom Foraging.”  If I am available I will send you a PayPal link to purchase a live consultation as described above as well as my phone number. Three options, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour ($15, $30, and $50 respectively).  If you catch me, great, if not, then maybe next time. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best.


Wild Edible Plant Foray — December 13 2015, Sunday 10am-12pm (Lafayette Community Park meeting spot, Lafayette) $40 — Join Kevin Feinstein (Feral Kevin) on a guided tour of local edible wild plants in the hills East of the Caldecott tunnel.   In this class we are able to actually forage for many things!   So not only bring your learning hat, but your bags and clippers, too.


Picnic Lunch and Learn — TBA,  Join Kevin Feinstein and Lauren Henry for a food walk and picnic lunch. We’ll go on a small tour of the local open space, and continue this food exploration into the garden. We’ll conclude with a picnic including locally sourced, foraged, and garden grown foods. The menu will be emailed to you closer to the time of the class. Think Marin Sun meats, garden cole slaw and salad, green smoothie popsicles, and elderberry dessert. $50 per person





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6 Responses to “Classes”

  1. wildflower says:

    Hey…what a great find. Thanks for inspiring people to really pay attention to their surroundings!
    We used to eat roasted bay nuts, but after a while I lost the taste for them. Great vid on bay nuts.
    Happy Foraging
    Sonoma County, Ca

  2. wildflower says:

    I forgot to add…in my commune days (way back)…I used to live on lentils supplemented by large quantities of miners’ lettuce, puffballs and fiddleheads (taste like walnuts)
    In those days I lived on no money and VERY little possessions. Sweet simple times.

  3. Cathy Burgdorfr says:

    I came across your web site and love what you are doing.
    I live in a very rual area on 15 acers surronunded by timber land in the bluffs of the mississippi river.
    while growing up here my parents always ate the more common wild greens. I am vegan and wish to eat closer to the land. Foraging for my food is what i enjoy. I know there are many many types of plant that are edibal here. Im just not sure of all of them. Burdock and sting weed (nettles) are some of my favirots. Im looking forward to mid summer so i can enduldge on the thistles. If you can give me any insight on things i might/should be looking for in the timber would be wonderful. There is just so much of it here. It is all organic since we do not spray any of the timmber for over 50 years.
    Love your stuff!!!

  4. […] wild foods in his environment. As his interest grew, so did his knowledge, and before long, he was giving classes on wild edibles in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s now the author of two books, runs a school gardening program […]

  5. Amanda falks says:

    I live in Oregon and this is a wonder read for me. I just discovered nettles not to long ago and now my whole world has opened up! Thanks for the great info!

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